Limited Company Director – Residential purchase

This case study illustrates how we helped a LTD Company Director to secure his residential property where his loan was restricted with standard lender criteria

Client Scenario:

The client approached us with the intention of buying a six-bedroom house for £1.25m. He had approached his bank directly who were not able to assist and several other brokers who were also restricting the loan amount to £300,000 based on a deposit of £700,000 and SA302 figures showing £60,000 income from salary and dividends.

Our Ltd company specialist adviser was able to extract £120,000 as income based on the information from the company accounts and was able to arrange a mortgage of £550,000.

Time from application to offer – 10 working days with a high street lender

Understanding company accounts can prove to be crucial for clients who find their lending is restricted due to figures showing on their personal tax calculations.

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