Uninhabitable Property – Home mover

Sarah was looking to sell her current residential property and upsize to a house with a garden. She has one dependent and works full time – annual income £28,000.00. her parents help with her child so there are no child care costs.












She had received an offer of £350,000 on her current property – a two bedroom flat and had a mortgage of £50,000 outstanding on this property.

She had an offer accepted of £350,000 on a two bed semi-detached house, however it was not habitable and had no working kitchen or bathroom. Her plan was to sell her property, move in with her parents whilst the property was renovated. Another broker had advised that her only option was a bridge as the property was not habitable.


We were able to secure a residential mortgage based on her income with a high street lender, giving her slightly more funds than required to allow for any unforeseen costs that may arise, with the option to make an overpayment on the mortgage once the works were done if she did not require the additional funds using the 10% overpayment facility.

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