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Bridging Finance is a popular method to raise short-term finance. A bridging loan can be for an individual (personal name) or a company. It is secured against a residential, semi-commercial or commercial asset to raise funds.


Is a bridging loan secured finance?

Yes a bridging loan is secured against a residential, commercial, investment property or land as a first / second charge.

Whats the general term of a bridging loan?

Bridging loans can be from 1 day to 24 months, typically bridging loans are used for 9-12 months.

Lowest amount you can borrow?

This varies but generally we deal with anything from £150k upwards. For a lower loan amount, fees and interest rates can be higher.

What can I use the money for?

Bridging is used as a short term funding option in property acquisition, refurbishment or business but you can raise funds with a bridge to be used for any legal purpose which you pay back when the asset is sold or re-financed to a longer term facility.

What is Open/Closed Bridging finance?

Open bridging is where there is no clear exit route and closed bridging is where there is a defined and guaranteed exit route for the bridging loan. Our advisors provide clear advice and have experience with many different scenarios. We can help you plan and structure your bridging funding correctly and provide support throughout the process.

How fast can I get a bridging loan?

We have seen bridging loans be offered in 24 hours and drawn down in a matter if days. The complexity of your financing will determine the length of time it will take but we can quite easily advise you of this in our initial conversation.

Are terms negotiable?

Yes! Bridging is not like standard mortgage lending whereby you have a rate set by the mortgage lender. Lenders do have their baseline offering (indicative terms but once the deal has been evaluated if it's a good proposition lenders are a lot more flexible in this arena.) The terms you get will be dependant on factors such as loan to value, risk, type of property and exit route.

What can a bridging loan be used for?

Bridging is used to obtain funding for auction finance, using existing property to release equity to invest into business or increasing your property portfolio, purchasing new investment property, payment of HMRC bills, property refurbishment & development finance, amongst others. Please contact us to discuss your enquiry.




Bridging loans work as a means of financing or as they are called 'bridging' money from a lender.

For example you may want to purchase a property which has vast potential, but requires works to be done to increase its value.

You need the procurement of funds to be quick and flexible to allow you to purchase the property fast, do the works to add the value and the property to be either sold or refinanced at the higher value.

Bridging loans are secured (as is a mortgage) on an asset or multiple assets depending on the structure of the deal being presented. 

In many cases you do not pay interest and service the loan. The interest will either be "rolled up" and payable upon completion of your project by refinancing to a longer term loan or "retained" from the advance. This will depend on the scenario and lender terms.


Things to take in to consideration when obtaining Bridging finance:

High Risk

Bridging is a high risk lending strategy. We help you understand the risks and advise on exit solutions to ensure the risks are calculated.

Exit Route

You must know your exit route and our lenders will want to know what this is at the outset of the enquiry.


Make sure you are comfortable with the fees involved with Bridging loans. 


Do your research and due diligence - comparable properties, factoring your interest roll-up, considering market changes and trends, understanding how it works and why it benefits you.



London FS are whole of market bridging brokers. We have access to lenders for both regulated and unregulated bridging.

What is Regulated Bridging Finance?

As the name suggests these types of loans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the assessment is subject to affordability rules. The lender for your bridging loan will calculate your loan repayments based on your individual affordability. There are a limited number of providers lending in this arena. Regulated bridges are used by people who may be living in the property during the term of the bridge.

What is Un-Regulated Bridging Finance?

Majority of lenders offer un-regulated bridging finance. You may be expected to provide income verification and show the loan is affordable, however unlike regulated bridging the criteria is more flexible and focused on the asset, structure, risk and exit strategy. Also unregulated bridging loans are for properties you will not be residing in - so investments, flips, light/heavy refurbishments for example.


London is arguably one of the most competitive property markets in the world. We have been raising property finance in the London residential and investment markets since 2003. We understand the landscape of our property market and work with auctioneers, business owners, real estate agents, developers and property investors as a go to partner for all London bridging finance.

Although there are no geographical restrictions when it comes to obtaining funding through bridging, lenders always find London investments are a secure risk if being purchased at the right price. We work with you to provide strong comparables and solid exit strategies for projects in London and the Home Counties.

Our aim is to add value to your project and speaking to us early on in the journey always helps, as we provide you with insight into baseline figures, advice and help you secure the right bridging finance.




The higher the loan size the more structured and solid your proposition needs to be.

It is our job as your broker, to work with your to look at:

  • comparables
  • exit routes
  • loan to value 
  • equity
  • seeing the finer details of the property and project
  • giving you an independent opinion of the deal

We then manage the loan process to provide you with flexible and competitive terms.

We are happy to work with your accountants, estate agents, surveyors and solicitors to ensure all aspects are covered.



The modern method of auction purchase is becoming increasingly popular. Buying at auction means you may find a good deal but will need to exchange at 10% on the day with a completion within 28 days (normally).

Bridging finance works very well with auction purchases as you will need access to capital quickly. We always suggest speaking to us very early and well before the auction date so we can get things planned, ready and in place.

This means when you go to the auction room, you are ready to bid with the confidence your finance is in place.

We are here to help with the whole process. We will raise the financing required but also here to discuss your ideas, provide invaluable advice and help with your overall strategy.





In today's market there is a vast array of lenders offering short term bridging finance. Your traditional lenders, such as high street banks are not known for this type of lending.

The market has a mix from smaller building societies, specialist lenders, privately backed lenders and private cash rich investors offering you a financing solution.

They can help with residential property, commercial properties, auction property, property development, mixed use properties, refinancing an existing bridge, heavy and light refurbishment loans and people looking for additional capital quickly.

They do look at credit scoring, income, stability, loan amount, equity, your finance requirements and how quick you need them to release funds.

You will find a bridging lender can work to a tight deadline, act quickly and be flexible when you require bridging finance.


Anyone with a deposit, a good plan, structure and realistic exit route, who has found a property or already have a property can apply for a bridge loan.

We deal with:
  • Property investors and developers looking for short term finance
  • Auction finance
  • Developers needing development finance
  • Commercial bridging finance
  • Regulated residential bridging finance
  • Business owners requiring short term finance for their business/ HMRC tax bill
  • Anyone looking short term property finance
  • Development Exit Finance



Speaking to one of our brokers couldn't be easier.

We always advise speaking to us well in advance, giving us both an advantage to plan and ensure your finance application is correctly processed.

It also allows us to plan and help you organise your finances (if need be).

If you would like an informal chat, please use the contact form on our site, drop us an email: enquiries@london-fs.com or give us a call +44(0)208427 5057.

We can run you through what paperwork will be required, discuss any questions you may have about obtaining bridging finance or you may just want a professional, independent opinion on the property you are buying. In any instance we are here to help.


Call us on +44(0) 208 427 5057

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