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A commercial mortgage put simply is a loan secured against any asset that is not classified as residential. This could mean your trading premises or an investment property that provides you a rental yield (such as an office block, retail store, industrial estate and blocks of flats).

Generally the commercial finance industry and commercial mortgages in particular are unregulated in the UK and EU.

Commercial mortgages can be taken as short term and long term finance and really depends on your ultimate goal (we will generally discuss this with you at the outset), terms are generally between 5-30 years depending on the type of commercial finance you require. We can help you source short-term commercial bridging finance to a long term commercial property loan.

Who can benefit from a commercial mortgage?

Below are a some scenarios of clients we work with in obtaining commercial finance:
  • You may be a Business owner/occupier – looking for a property to use as trading premises for your business.
  • You may have a commercial / semi-commercial property portfolio of rental properties, providing you a rental income. You may want to remortgage them under one potentially cheaper mortgage. This will be classified as restructuring and we are more than happy to work with your accountants to ensure this is financially viable and cost/tax efficient.
  • You may be interested in purchasing commercial investment properties and letting them out to a business you don’t own.
  • You may be a property investor who buys multiunit freehold blocks to let to tenants.
  • You may be a business owner looking for working capital to grow your existing business or re-structure your current finances. If this is the case you will need to look at our Business finance page in more detail.

Why should I use a commercial mortgage broker?

London FS are a whole of market broker that work with leading commercial mortgage lenders. The commercial mortgage market is complex and using a broker to help you navigate this is highly recommended. One of the key benefits of using a commercial mortgage broker is obtaining favourable terms and rates and helping you save time and money.

We have assisted private investors, property developers (through development finance) and businesses owners with arranging commercial mortgages and being an invaluable extension to their businesses. Many of our clients use us as a sounding board to run through options and figures before purchasing an asset, giving them an independent opinion and making a calculated decision.

Commercial mortgage lenders.

We speak to many clients who may have spoken with the client relationship manager at their bank or have gone direct to a High Street lender, with no success. Generally we find that going direct to a lender only works in very basic and vanilla scenarios. As you can imagine navigating through lender criteria can be very time consuming.

As specialist London mortgage brokers we have the expertise to know what each lender has an appetite for and generally what loan to value and rates they will offer. This will save you time and effort trying to work this out, but more importantly what one lender offers may not be the most competitive terms. Through our lender contacts we can provide you with options only available through commercial finance brokers such as ourselves from specialist lenders and private banks. Some of these commercial mortgage lenders will only deal with intermediaries and do not accept client direct applications.

How can London FS help you?

Simply put we understand commercial lending! Our independent consultants have worked with High Street lenders, packaged deals for businesses and investors and therefore seen pretty much any type of a deal.

As we are independent, we work for you! With whole of market access you can benefit from getting better deals for your individual needs, with expert advice.

The key to working with us is there is no one size fits all approach. We understand every client/business has their own unique position and objectives. Our job is to work with you and our lending partners to obtain the most competitive terms and a finance package that actually works for you.

Our advisors are flexible to work around your schedule and we take care of the whole process. Whether that be visiting your business, working with your accountants/personal representatives and liaising with the lender throughout your application.

Providing commercial mortgages in London

Here at London FS we are well placed to provide our clients with commercial lending solutions for all their commercial London property purchases (from investments to self trading businesses and development finance). Some of the key benefits:

Commercial property finance - examples

Below you will find some examples of the types of property we can help provide commercial mortgages for:
  • Office buildings / Multi unit office complexes
  • Warehouses/industrial units (including warehouses & storage units)
  • Shopping centres/shops
  • Retail outlets
  • HMO (houses in multiple occupancy)
  • Blocks of flats
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Guest house
  • Nursing / care homes
  • Dentist
  • Doctor’s Surgeries
  • Veterinary practices
  • Pharmacies
  • Agricultural land
  • Funeral Parlours
  • Owner occupation commercial mortgages
  • Investment commercial mortgages
  • Residential Buy to let portfolios

What information do you need to provide for a commercial mortgage?

To make things a little easier, we have broken this down for clarity and to help when preparing to discuss your enquiry with one of commercial mortgage experts:

Commercial Property Investor:

  • Proof of identity and address history
  • Evidence of personal income
  • Credit report
  • Lease agreement, confirming rental income of the property
Please note if the commercial property you are purchasing is vacant, the number of lenders who provide finance maybe limited and a greater deposit or clear plan to have an income generated must be evidenced (such as a potential incoming tenant).

Business owner-occupier:

  • Proof of identity and address history
  • Evidence of personal income
  • Credit report
  • For newer businesses – 3 years business financials (projections may be taken into account)
  • For established businesses – Last 3 years Trading figures
  • Last 3 months Bank statements

Speaking to one of our brokers couldn't be easier.

We always advise speaking to us in advance, giving us both an advantage to plan and ensure your finance application is correctly processed. It also allows us to plan and help you organise your finances (if need be).

If you would like an informal chat, please use the contact form on our site, drop us an email: or give us a call +44(0)208427 5057.
We can run you through what paperwork will be required, discuss any questions you may have about obtaining a commercial mortgage or you may just want a professional, independent opinion on the property you are buying. In any instance we are here to help.


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