London FS work with Private Banks and High Net Worth Individuals with structuring bespoke and unique lending facilities. 



A Private bank mortgage is often well-suited to high net worth borrowers.

Private Banks and private lenders will take a view on a client’s more complex income structure and assess the affordability of the mortgage by looking at a wider range of factors, and assessing each case on individual circumstances rather than a standard approach provided by high street lenders.

Many Private Banks will have a minimum lending amount of £1m, with some of the Private Banks also requiring clients to deposit funds with them.

The private banking world is becoming a popular choice for high net worth clients, for mortgages and loans due to the flexibility they offer when looking at property finance.

Some High Street lenders also have a Private Bank as part of their group structure.

What can a private bank mortgage be used for?

Mortgages and Loans from Private Banks and Private mortgage lenders are mainly used for property purchase or re-mortgage residential property or an investment portfolio.

Lending can be obtained for:

  • Purchase of residential property overseas (where borrowing is secured by UK property)
  • Improvements to the main residence or second home
  • Release of equity for specific long term requirements
  • Investment properties options
  • Short Term Finance
This list is not exhaustive and each client application is reviewed on a case by case basis.

Private Bank Mortgages at London FS

Here at London FS we have access to Private Banks who lend against UK property

Our Private Bank Specialist Brokers have a wealth of experience in this area and offer:

  • A discreet and personal service
  • Personal and bespoke approach for our high net worth clients
  • Large Mortgage loan solutions from £1 million
  • High LTV private bank mortgages
  • Private bank mortgage solutions for our foreign nationals, expats and non-UK resident clients
  • Understanding of all complex income and wealth scenarios 
  • Interest-only mortgage options

Lending Criteria for Private Bank Mortgages

Private banks will not have set lending criteria, unlike high street banks and mortgage lenders.

Each mortgage is assessed on it own merits.

You will need to provide personal details and a detailed CV of you, your business, and your assets.

Typically they will have a minimum loan size of £1m and can consider large mortgage amounts, offering bespoke deals.

Will my Mortgage or Loan be secured on my property?

Private Banks will require security over a property. In England and Wales this is done by you granting a Mortgage Deed in the lenders favour over the property and in Scotland this is done by you granting a Standard Security in the private banks favour over the property.

The Mortgage Deed and the Standard Security are legal documents which create security over the property for all amounts you The Private Bank now or in the future.

Our Loan Products can also be secured by cash deposits or offered on an unsecured basis. Other security types are accepted where the purpose of the borrowing is not to acquire or retain property.

What length of Mortgage or Loan Term, can be provided?

Here at London FS we are well placed to provide our clients with commercial lending solutions for all their commercial London property purchases (from investments to self trading businesses and development finance). Some of the key benefits:

Commercial property finance - examples

Private bank mortgages can be taken over a term of 2 to 25 years and Loans can be taken over a term of 6 months to 25 years. Certain Loan products may be available on a shorter term.

Private Bank Mortgage Rates

Many Private Bank offer low interest rates depending on the profile of the client, however to get the best rates you may have to move your banking to them or give them additional assets under management.

Will I need AUM for a mortgage with a Private Bank?

Assets under management (AUM) can be requested by some of the Private Banks to obtain the their best terms. For many Private banks AUM is a prerequisite condition to their lending. For example, this can be through savings lodged with the bank (generally this is a % of the loan facility).

However in the current climate and in such a competitive market space, LondonFS have access to Private Banks that do not require AUM and still offer very competitive terms.

The benefits of a Private Bank Mortgage.

At London FS we have represented global clients from UAE, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, India, Africa and the USA/Canada. Every client has had their own unique plan. In some scenarios High Street Lenders offer a good solution but when cases are complex, we feel the Private banks offer a much better solution. Some of the benefits of Private Bank Mortgages:
  • Private Banks don’t work like High Street Lenders. They offer a more personal and tailored approach to their lending
  • Low interest rates and higher loan sizes from £1m plus
  • Depending on your client profile and deal, they can act quickly
  • Manual underwriting approach – not just based on income, more flexible and sensible approach to lending
  • They understand complex income structures
  • They can offer interest only, part and part or full repayment

The Private Bank Mortgage Application Process

Unlike high street lenders, Private Banks like to know who they are dealing with personally.

Once we find your solution, we would set up a meeting with a Private banker who will go through your personal information and discuss your current and future plans.

They will go through in detail your financial position and income to get a full understanding of the bigger picture about you as a client.

Working with us, they will then look at mortgage options which will be presented to you.

We will be with you through the whole process to ensure you are getting the right deal.


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