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Protecting your most valuable assets with a comprehensive policy specifically catered for Art, Jewellery and high value items. 

What is high net worth insurance?

Insuring your property, high value items and possessions has become increasingly more important.

The main difference between a High Net Worth insurance policy and a standard policies will be the value of the assets are considerably higher, hence standard terms on insurance cover will need to be more bespoke and specific alongside the terms of your insurance being more flexible and tailored, giving you the protection you need.

High Net Worth Insurance for Private Clients

We offer our high net worth clients a discreet and personal service.

Prior to commencement we generally sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), whether that be for us undertaking your financing or insurance services.

We work with you and offer a bespoke and high level service, understanding your personal insurance requirements, providing a tailored cover to protect your home, jewellery, fine art, cars and other transport.

Our team has access to specialist high net worth insurance providers in the market who understand higher value assets. They provide specialist cover for high value home insurance and offer a personal service.

High Value Home Insurance

Your home insurance will be tailored and personal to you, and we work closely with you, giving you a bespoke service to ensure you have adequate cover based on your insurance requirements.

We will take all possessions into account that you need to protect, such as fine art that needs to be valued and insured correctly.

If you have bespoke jewellery that needs insuring (we will look to have this covered at home, abroad and in your bank or safety deposit box) – this all adds to providing you that peace of mind. We arrange your house insurance and also cover your contents and high risk items.

We work with specialist insurers who offer competitive terms and premium, on hnw policies without compromising on your cover.

We work with you to ensure your cover is comprehensive and to ensure there are no issues with claims or being under insured, giving you the peace of mind that your valuables are covered.

With high value art, furniture, jewellery in your home understanding how your property is protected will be vital to the insurer when they access the risk.

High Value Jewellery and Watch Insurance

Many of our high net worth clients have bespoke jewellery and high value watches as part of their collectibles, for which they require insurance cover.

These fine pieces are worn in the UK and abroad. Part of our services is to work with you on planned trips abroad so the insurance underwriters are fully aware of the risks.

We will need clarity on security, travel arrangements, where the items are/will be kept when not worn. We understand that our clients need to travel and require protection for their valuables, and to arrange a comprehensive, global cover is vital.

High Value Art Insurance

High Value Art Insurance is a very niche and specific market with a limited number of insurers.

Our team has access to insurers best placed to provide a comprehensive policy and right cover for you.

Having your artwork valued and appraised by an independent company will be paramount.

Values fluctuate so regular valuations are advised to ensure your insurance cover is adequate. It is not uncommon for Insurers to do site visits, speak with your security team to discuss your security measures and where the art will be held/displayed and to provide overall risk management to high net worth clients.

Insurers may also classify wines, statues, porcelain, antique furniture and tapestries under this category.

Just some examples of what High Net Worth Insurance covers:

Our insurers can offer flexibility on voluntary excesses and high sums assured for high net worth individuals. We provide insurance cover for:
  • UK Buildings (commercial and residential)
  • Overseas properties
  • General contents
  • Fine art
  • Antiques
  • Gold, silver
  • Watches and Jewellery
  • Guns,
  • Saddle and tack
  • Items in banks and safety deposits
  • Ride-on lawnmowers
  • Quad bikes
  • Sports memorabilia
  • High Value Cars / classic vehicles
  • Accidental Damage

Cost of High Value Home Insurance/ High Net Worth Insurance

Due to the nature of high net worth insurance, the premium you will pay will be dependant on the value of what you need protection for, what items you require cover for, where the items are kept and level of risk associated.

Important Information

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Registered Office: 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR.

Our scope of service is on Non-Investment Insurance Products.


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