Business protection


Business Protection

Business Protection Insurance is vital when you are running a successful business. Just as we protect our homes, cars and family from unforeseen circumstances, it is imperative we also protect our business. London Finance Solutions offer five different types of Business Protection Insurance:

• Director/shareholder protection
• Keyman Insurance
• Business loan protection
• Partnership protection
• Sole trader protection

It is often the case where we do not consider taking out business protection as many people may not consider it as a necessity. This is a vital mistake. Business Protection Insurance is a way to protect your business and can act as a safety net. When going into a business, it is important to ascertain what type of insurance you will require and factor this into your budgeting.

If you are uncertain of this, feel free to call one of our qualified advisors to discuss your requirements.

We can never predict what is around the corner and for this reason, ensuring our businesses are fully protected can help avoid the many pitfalls and the unexpected. By being fully covered you can:

• Ensure your business continues to trade
• Afford to replace key individuals in your company
• Buy the shares of an individual who has become critically ill or deceased died
• Protect yourself from corporate debts

Our aim to ensure you first understand what Business Protection Insurance is and then help you understand the benefits of having it. We encourage you to call us today to discuss your requirements with us.

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